Toybe looks after the environment

Toybe cuida el medio ambiente

Caring for nature is a principle, not an option. We work in an industry in which the raw materials should be organic as much as possible, minimising pollutant processes and highly efficient logistics to avoid unnecessary consumption or pollution.

Toybe makes every effort to minimise the impact on the environment, as evidenced by the ISO 14001 certification. We treat waste responsibly, minimising waste and eliminating spills. We reuse the materials to the end of their service life and recycle end by-products.

We use paper from sustainable, well-managed forests. That is why we have PEFC/FSC Chain of Custody certification.

The Toybe production facility is also equipped for minimum pollutant emissions:

    • Water treatment plant with decanters, filter, press and biological reactor to control discharges to the river network
    • Incinerator to remove gaseous VOCs
    • Making old tanks inert for soil reuse

ISO 14001 certification

gestion de l'environnement

The ISO 14001 certifies that the company has implemented an environmental management system that optimises the use of resources, energy and waste, reduces the environmental impact of its activities or the risk of accidents..

In addition, by applying these management systems, waste treatment costs are reduced, barriers to exports are eliminated and occupational hazards are reduced also protecting employees.

See ISO-14001-2015 certificate


FSC® Certification

FSC certification assures that raw forest materials come from rationally harvested forests in accordance with the principles and criteria set out by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC). The FSC marks the minimum levels of good management for forests worldwide.

The company is subject to an assessment of its forest production line that goes from the tree to the finished product, to ensure that the wood comes from a well-managed forest. If this assessment is positive, the company is given Chain of Custody Certification.

See FSC certificate


PEFC Certification


The forest-based products, such as paper, certified by PEFC come from sustainably managed forests. By choosing PEFC we help combat illegal logging and maintain ecosystems and biodiversity.

See PEFC certificate

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