Bags for automatic and manual packaging, with top or bottom filling. Flat, square base, Doy-Pack, closures and easy-open... bags or containers made from any of our simple or laminate materials.

  • Laminate Material Bags
  • Laminate Material Bags
  • Laminate Material Bags
  • Laminate Material Bags
  • Laminate Material Bags
  • Laminate Material Bags
  • Laminate Material Bags

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    Coffee, sugar and flour have been Toybe’s ‘teachers’. For almost 100 years they have taught us to print and make all kinds of bags: from those containing simple products to more sophisticated ones.

    We make bags suitable for mechanical and manual packaging, with top or bottom filling, small and medium content formats and, in some cases, custom tailored to client requirements.

    The packaging is the image of your brand at the point of sale and it must therefore have an impeccable appearance. We print everything in full colour with a matte or gloss finish, to suit your tastes. You can choose the type of bag that fits your packaging system and your product preservation needs.

    Toybe has a century of experience manufacturing bags and packages, always offering innovation, service and quality.

    We make bags from any laminate material. If you need more information about materials, click here.

    Types of bags:

    • Flat bags with or without gussets.
    • Square base bags..
    • Gusseted bags with 5 welds. They are increasingly used in all kinds of products because they maintain their shape on the shelves
    • Doy-Pack or Stand-Up bags. They can be kept folded or standing thanks to the special shape of the bottom welds.
    • Reinforced bottom bags; folded and welded.
    • Bags with bottom K weld, which shape the base when the bag is filled.

    Extras or accessories that can be added to the bags:

    • Zip or Slide Closure at the front or at the top, with or without pre-cut lines for easy opening.
    • Degassing valve, which lets the gas out but prevents air from coming into the bag. These valves are usually put on premium coffee packages, as they help to better preserve the product.
    • Finishes such as varnishes and special treatments: matt, gloss, slip or slip-proof, with rubbery touch, antibacterial, etc..

    Materials that can be used:

    • Duplex and triplex laminates for vertical and horizontal packaging. We make laminates of polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene, aluminium and other metallic materials in combinations of two or three rolled layers.
    • Barrier materials, especially for fresh food preservation
    • Vacuum sealing laminates
    • Plastics or metallic laminate materials combined with paper (with or without heat-seal lacquer)

    Common uses and products:

    • High, medium and low barrier laminates for packaging liquids, powder products in modified protective atmosphere, vacuum, etc.
    • Food: sugar, coffee, tea, cocoa and other powder products, pasta, rice, flour, pulses, seeds, snacks, chocolates, candies, cookies, etc.
    • Pet food
    • Perfumes, drugs and cosmetics: powder products, shampoos, soaps and detergents.
    • Chemical industry: packaging for liquids or powders.
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