Square Pouch

Square base pouches with zip, easy opening, one-way valve and window options. Elegant design and optimal conservation.

  • Square Pouch
  • Square Pouch
  • Square Pouch
  • Square Pouch
  • Square Pouch
  • Square Pouch

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    Quality products deserve a bag that present them as such and keep them in the best conditions. Smell of coffee, freshness from nuts, intense cocoa’s flavor… All of them find their best packaging in a Square Pouch.

    Outside, these bags offer a brand’s visual support, adapting the material to the desired product image: matt or gloss film, brown or white kraft color, possibility of a transparent window which reveals their content.

    The personalized printing with selective varnish allows playing with the matt and glossy effects.

    These bags can also have some extras for improving conservation and their end use. The one-way valve allows escaping CO2 generated by roasted coffee, while prevents the entry of oxygen and humidity, maintaining all its smells and flavors. Once at customer’ site, we can enjoy a very practical packaging thanks to the easy opening and zip closure.

    Definitely, these bags are the best packaging to show off and preserve food and gourmet products such as coffee, tea, infusions, cocoa and other powdered products, legumes, seeds, chocolates, cookies …

    Standard sizes:

    250 gr bag: Exterior 110 + 80 x 190 mm. Interior 98 + 74 x 184 mm.
    500 gr bag: Exterior 125 + 90 x 250 mm. Interior 113 + 77 x 244 mm.
    1 kg bag: Exterior 145 + 90 x 340 mm. Interior 133 + 78 x 336 mm.

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