Laminate Material Rolls (Form & Fill)

Duplex and triplex laminates for vertical and horizontal packaging. Barrier materials for vacuum packaging, plastic or metallised combined with paper...

  • Laminate Material Rolls (Form & Fill)

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    Most industrial packaging is made with a laminate consisting of two or more materials which may be plastic, aluminium and other metallic or paper layers.

    At Toybe we laminate packaging material by rolling. Uniform gluing creates a smooth sheet for use in rolls or to manufacture bags for automatic packaging systems.

    Every year, Toybe prints more than 50 million metres of flexible packaging rolls made of different materials.

    Choose the best material to package and preserve each product

    The key to these materials lies in identifying product packaging needs properly and selecting or developing the material that meets all of your preservation requirements. We should also ensure that the chosen laminate provides smooth operation in the packaging line..

    Roll and material types:

    • Duplex and triplex laminates for vertical and horizontal packaging. We make laminates of polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene, aluminium and other metallic materials in combinations of two or three rolled layers.
    • Barrier materials, especially for fresh food preservation
    • Vacuum sealing laminates
    • Plastics or metallic laminate materials combined with paper (with or without heat-seal lacquer)

    We can also apply different finishes to our laminates, such as varnishes and special treatments: matt, gloss, slip or slip-proof, with rubbery touch, antibacterial coatings for extension of shelf life for food products, etc.

    Flexo printing has evolved very quickly. Today we work with very high resolutions that get results similar to gravure quality at a lower cost.

    Common uses and products:

    • High, medium and low barrier laminates for packaging liquids, powder products in modified protective atmosphere, vacuum, etc.
    • Food: sugar, coffee, tea, cocoa and other powder products, pasta, rice, flour, pulses, seeds, snacks, chocolates, candies, cookies, etc.
    • Perfumes and cosmetics: wipes, sachets or pouches for samples or single doses of perfumes, creams, shampoos and soaps, toothpaste, etc.
    • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries: liquid or powder packaging, single-dose, etc.

    The Spanish Technical Flexography Association (ATEF) awarded Toybe the 2012 National Flexo Prize for Packaging with flexible film with three, four or more colours.

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