Paper bags for wine, spirits and other drinks

If you are looking for a paper bag for a winery, wine cellar or spirits shop, here you are a selection of what we can offer…

You pampered every detail in your product and your shop so now is the moment to choose the paper bag that perfectly fits in your style. The best packaging for your bottles and cases when your customer acquires the product.

Toybe can offer you a lot of possibilities: every type of paper, textures, sizes and colours in order to personalise your bags. Just say if you want your bag to be big or small, simple or luxury, classical or bold… and we’ll do it!

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Discover the bag that suits your needs

Luxury bags for bottles and cases

Those bags are manually finished and they can be decorated with varnish, stamping, embossing and metallised colours. Their handles can be made in cotton, ribbons and other closing systems with reinforcements in top and bottom. They are beautiful and resistant so that your customer can keep them and re use them. Ver más

Paper carrier bags with paper or synthetic handles

This is our classical bag modified for each brand style. They can be made in white or brown kraft, smooth or laid paper, with matt or gloss finishing. Big companies and shops all over the world use this type of bags thanks to their wide range of sizes and their best value for money. Ver más

EasyBag, the cheap and functional bag, now adapted for bottle

EayBag is the new paper bag, it is cheaper, ecological and innovative. This bag was created for those business who need a simple but personalised bag. For that reason, in Toybe we have adapted our formats to carry bottles and wine cases; but now, we also have a very special bag for carrying two bottles separately to avoid their internal crash. Ver más