Toybe has been manufacturing all types of bags, containers and packaging, for retailers and industry since 1922.

Toybe produces half a million bags every day, more than 100 million a year. And we distribute them worldwide, without forgetting a single one.


  • Easy Bag, the new paper bag

    Easy Bag is a new paper bag concept: a different, versatile, functional design. More ecological, more economical and backed by Toybe's quality assurance.
  • Paper bags, shopping bags

    They can be printed in full colour. They are ideal for shops, trade fairs, promotions... You will find them in all kinds of outlets because of their excellent value.
  • Luxury bags handmade

    Your brand is enhanced. Perfect for delicate products, special campaigns, boutiques, etc. With manual finishes, varnishes or stamping and fabric handles... everything you can imagine.
  • Gift Envelopes and Bags

    A gorgeous gift package with your brand, ready in seconds —indispensable to respond quickly and avoid queues at the checkout.
  • Eco, reusable and fabric bags

    Comfortable, elegant, durable and environmentally friendly. Reusable bags are already the favourites of thousands of consumers.
  • Creative Boxes and Packaging

    Some products would not be the same without a box to protect them and complement their personality.
  • Insulated Food Bags

    Ideal for frozen, precooked and gourmet products, where it essential to maintain the temperature and retain flavour quality.
  • Plain Bags

    Assorted bags and envelopes for rush orders, small amounts or when customised bags are not required.
  • Paper envelope for online store and messenger service

    The e-commerce envelope, 100% paper


  • Laminate Material Rolls (Form & Fill)

    Duplex and triplex laminates for vertical and horizontal packaging. Barrier materials for vacuum packaging, plastic or metallised combined with paper...
  • Laminate Material Bags

    Bags for automatic and manual packaging, with top or bottom filling. Flat, square base, Doy-Pack, closures and easy-open... bags or containers made from any of our simple or laminate materials.
  • Paper Rolls (form & Fill)

    Ideal for automatic packaging of flour, rice, sugar, etc. Different papers and different finishes, tailored to each product.
  • Paper Bags

    Lightweight, durable and economical industrial packaging, printed in full colour with custom finishes.
  • Square Pouch

    Square base pouches with zip, easy opening, one-way valve and window options. Elegant design and optimal conservation.

Quality commitment and respect for the environment

Toybe counts on the main quality and environmental certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC and PEFC) but, above all, we count on experienced professionals on graphic arts and we know that taking care of nature is not an option, is a principle.


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