Toybe opens a new bag production facility in China in order to supply big commercial brands and new customers in Asia

Cities in China and East Asia are constantly growing thanks to the recent opening of fashion shops and city malls. This growth makes brands around the world bet for this profitable market. Toybe is already a supplier for these brands in Europe and now it wants to go together with them in their Asian expansion.

This is a step forward in a process started 8 years ago when the company decided to import luxury bags and packaging from China. Thus increasing its wide range of products for attending every type of customers.

In 2012, Toybe opened its commercial headquarters in Hong Kong for local customers creating a special department to evaluate, locate and coordinate suppliers in the area. A team made by people who know the Chinese market and has a great confidence in its potential.

Moreover, two years ago, Toybe deciced to become one of the first manufacturers of the new automatic bag, the EasyBag. Only 10 companies in the world have the special machinery for producing this bag. It is more economical, ecological, adaptable and functional than conventional ones.

The quick growing of urban shops and an especially restrictive Chinese legislation against plastic bags, has created a great demand of paper bags for daily use.

In this background, Toybe has recently opened an affiliated company in China for printing, manufacturing and distributing the new EasyBag in the Asian market and in the future other commercial packaging.

Hangzhou, near Shanghai, is the location chosen for the factory. It is a city in the middle of the Chinese coast, halfway Pekín and Shenzhen, the most important cities in China. Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang, its population is near 9 million people and there is a great quantity of textile industries.

The new factory has printers, machines for making the bags and logistics and storage systems thanks to an inversion of more than one million and a half euros. The whole staff are Chinese including executives, administrative assistants, commercials and work force.

A production of 50 million Easybags per year is estimated in the medium term, then, paper carrier bags, luxury bags and other packaging products would progressively be incorporated.