Paper envelope for online store and messenger service

The e-commerce envelope, 100% paper

  • Paper envelope for online store and messenger service

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    Your online store, more ecological and sustainable

    Toybe has created the first paper envelope especially designed for online stores and messenger service. Perfect for all types of “soft products”, it not contains any plastic components, which makes it completely recyclable.
    Economical and environmentally friendly e-commerce shipping, thanks to this paper envelope.

    Functionality: same envelope for shipping and returns

    Customers come first, and we would like to make their purchase more comfortable. This easy opening envelope allows to rip through the dieline, without scissors needed nor breaking it by force as with plastic.
    Besides, if the customer needs to make a change or return, he can use the same envelope thanks to the double self-adhesive closuring flap.

    Safety: unbreakable and resistant

    During shipping, the envelope must be inviolable. That’s why we use a special adhesive and a perforated dieline in the flap: since closed, the envelope is impossible to open without breaking it.

    The envelopes are made of PEFC paper very resistant. Moreover, we’ve add an anti-humidity treatment. The envelope is reinforced to give a greater solidity and gaskets have a serrated edge to avoid cuts when handling them.

    Personality: the sizes you need, the image of your brand

    The online envelope can be manufactured in different sizes, in order to fit the best to your products. In addition to that, you could print it from one ink to full colored images, so your customers will receive a beautiful package with your brand, your style and your personality.

    Paper: recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable

    Nowadays we are more aware of the amount of contaminating materials used in products’ packaging.

    93% of consumers say they consider paper as a sustainable material, and 86% say that if they could choose, they would choose paper packaging versus another material.

    Toybe has dedicated months of research and testing to the development of this envelope. The paper is recyclable and biodegradable, it can be recovered as raw material and, if it ends in nature by mistake, it doesn’t damage the earth or the sea as it decomposes in a few months without damaging the environment. Paper is sustainable, since its responsible production serves to protect forests.

    Would you want the new paper envelope for your online store?
    Contact us and we’ll prepare a budget for you.

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