Toybe in Asia

Hand-made bags and creative packaging

Toybe has a permanent branch office in China which allows us to offer luxury bags, reusable eco bags, gift boxes, self-assembly packaging, cases and all kinds of hand-made creative packaging. The catalogue is infinite, just tell us your idea and we will develop it for you.

We manufacture and distribute more than 10 million commercial packaging articles from China each year

In 2006 we set up a branch office in Hong Kong to produce in China like we do here. So that you do not have to worry about anything. Your order will arrive in perfect condition and on the set date no matter where it comes from. That is Toybe’s commitment.

Bolsas y packaging creativo de confección manual

Demand and a knowledge of our business led us to establish branches in Hangzhou and Guangzhou. Thanks to this network of specialists in packaging and international trade we can constantly seek and assess manufacturers. We then select the most competitive for each product. Of course, at our offices we personally manage and control both production processes and product quality of all suppliers.

We are also beginning to take the next big step: manufacturing and distributing directly to the Asian market.

The main Spanish and European fashion and textile brands are setting up shops in Asia and have chosen Toybe as a partner in their expansion.

Toybe ensures your “Made in China” purchase is easy and effective in terms of attention, variety, simplicity, price, quality and service.