Who are Toybe?

Bags, containers and packaging: Toybe in three paragraphs

Toybe has been manufacturing all types of bags, containers and packaging, for retailers and industry for 100 years. We could say that we have a extensive experience and know everything about our industry, but the truth is that every minute we are learning about new products, new technologies and new clients.

Toybe produces half a million bags every day, more than 100 million a year. And we distribute them worldwide, without forgetting a single one.

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We offer a varied catalogue: from custom and plain paper bags, luxury bags, eco and reusable bags, cases and boxes, envelopes and gift wrappers… to industrial, food or cosmetics packaging.

We have a thorough knowledge of the design and manufacture of all of the above. We also know that every order is a challenge and we dedicate all our efforts to achieve the highest print quality, perfect finish and impeccable service.

Every year, we print more than 50 million metres of flexible packaging rolls made of different materials.

We also manufacture, import and distribute from and to China, through our own branch office in Hong Kong, which specialises in finding the best graphic arts suppliers in the country.
Toybe Global Packaging

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