Ideal for frozen, precooked and gourmet products, where it essential to maintain the temperature and retain flavour quality.

  • Insulated Food Bags
  • Insulated Food Bags

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    Maintaining the temperature of food from the point of sale to the customer’s home is a challenge in many sectors, as it is necessary to maintain the qualities of the product and keep it intact.

    Toybe offers a range of insulated food bags that you can customise with your brand and give to customers with their purchases. They will enjoy your products and will return for to refill them!

    The most sophisticated are made in different fabrics or flexible materials and lined with an insulating layer to maintain the temperature over long periods. But the big challenge for us was to create a shopping bag at a reasonable cost and with insulating qualities.

    We achieved this by combining traditional paper bags with an metallic interior and adhesive closure. And the result is an ideal bag for frozen food, ready meals, ice cream, meat and fish, fruits and vegetables or gourmet products.

    We compared the Toybe insulated food bags with other options available on the market in our labs and our bags maintain temperature the longest.

    This is the bag performance during the first hour:

    And this is over 6 hours:

    The insulating capacity of these bags is complemented with a customisable full colour outer shell , offering a large number of, sizes, printing and finishing options, different types of closures, excellent performance in transporting frozen foods and hot liquids and superb moisture resistance..

    Of course, these bags are food grade and can come into direct contact with food. They are also made with recyclable materials..

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