Eco, reusable and fabric bags

Comfortable, elegant, durable and environmentally friendly. Reusable bags are already the favourites of thousands of consumers.

  • Eco, reusable and fabric bags
  • Eco, reusable and fabric bags
  • Eco, reusable and fabric bags

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    A concern for the environment has replaced many thousands of single use plastic bags with eco bags and fabric bags that can be used again and again.

    Furthermore, these bags take your brand to many more places, for the more durable and attractive they are, the more they will be used by your customers in their shopping, travel and excursions.

    Toybe manufactures reusable bags in various formats and materials, adjusting to your needs in terms of looks or resistance.

    • Polypropylene non woven fabric (NWF). A very resistant material consisting of a polypropylene sheet fabric that looks like woven fabric. It is also known as NWF.
    • PET non woven fabric. It looks and feels the same as polypropylene, but is made of 100% recycled PET. It comes from recycling water bottles.
    • Polypropylene raffia or ‘pp woven raffia’. Even more resistant than the previous fabrics because it is made with woven polypropylene fibres.

    Our natural fibre bags are even more organic. We recommend them if you want to give a completely “green” image:

    • Cotton. Normal or organic cotton fabric is one of the most ecological fabrics available. The finish differs depending on how the fibres are woven.
    • Jute. It has been used for centuries to make sacks because it is one of the strongest natural plant fibres. It is also a highly environmentally friendly material, as one hectare of plants consumes about 12 tons of CO2 and releases 11 tons of oxygen.

    All reusable bags can be completely customised, printed in silkscreen, flexo or gravure with plastic or metallic coating. And you can choose the finish in terms of intended use: handles, reinforcements and closures with clips, velcro, zippers, etc.

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