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What do paper bags have for seducing weather traders in every sector or consumers?


Traders and brands like paper bags because they are a great advertising mean. Nowadays, when we go shopping, we show people our favourite brands while walking in the street and this is thanks to paper, the best material for printing any image with a high quality and definition.

Bags capture the essence of the brand, they are considered a spreading of the shop that represents and matches its image and products. Paper bags offer a wide range of designs, formats, handles and finishes: from a simple twisted handle brown kraft bag to a luxury art card bag with an embossing logo and cotton handle. There are so many possibilities that every shop can make a bag “à la carte” in order to complete a perfect shopping experience.

Toybe manufactures from little gift envelopes of 10cm for wrapping a jewel to big bags for carrying a coat, a box with a pair of high-top boots or a cake tray.



More than a half of the bags used in the Spanish market is made of paper and the percentage grows up to the 70% in clothing stores. Many companies in other sectors weather SMB or big companies have chosen paper bags in recent years; that is, 60% of fashion, shoes, optical, home equipment or gift shops and 53% of bakeries. Even food shops are progressively introducing them and now they reach a 7%.

paper carrier bags, Toybe

Traditional sectors are fashion and shoes shops, jewellers or perfumeries; however, many others are already joining it. Gift shops, food stores, take away, phone shops, pharmacies and sports centres are good examples.


At the moment, paper bags consumption is reviving in some senses. Shops are increasing their sales, therefore their bags consumption; however, we have detected that small and medium size bags grow more than big ones as customers do little shopping but with a bigger frequency. In Toybe, we have analysed the most requested bag sizes and we have adapted our productive lines for improving manufacturing processes and delivering orders quickly and in a good quality-cost relationship.

luxury papel bags, Toybe

We can also observe the growing tendency of gift paper envelopes and bags consumption weather in physical stores or online shops. It seems this growing will be constant thanks to the agility that a product like this can provide to shop assistants and its pleasant aspect. With this aim, we manufacture bags and envelopes in several sizes with adhesive tape and ribbon closings so that you can provide your products with a more exclusive aspect. They are ideal for jewellers, boutiques or gourmand products.

Besides, brands had reduced their inversion in bags choosing simple designs and finishes; however, we can also observe that this trend is progressively turning around and now they prefer more creative bags that profit every production possibility: printing in 8 colours, high grammage papers, stamping and embossing effects, ribbon handles in different colours and finishes.

Innovation and new products. Easy Bag, the new paper bag.

Substantial changes had not undergone in paper bag production during the last 30 or 40 years. Automatic carrier bags (simple bags with twisted or flat handle) and luxury bags (manual making, much more sophisticated with reinforcement in top and bottom and ribbon or cotton handles) were practically the only two types existing.

As manual bags production costs in Spain are very high, Toybe decided to import this product from China about 10 years ago. Over the years, our crew made a selection between the best suppliers for bags and commercial packaging in order to let customers choose between a wide range of personalised bags, envelopes or boxes.

About paper carrier bags, an Italian company that develops and produces innovative machines, invented some years ago a new system for producing more simple carrier bags compared with the traditional but with many more advantages in costs, materials and formats. We call them Easy Bag and they are economical, functional and versatile. It can have twisted or plate handles and you can choose between a wide range of sizes.

paper bags, Easy Bag, Toybe

Its aspect is totally different, without gussets; this aspect is what let us make very small or very big with a big bottom, perfect for boxes or plates horizontally; which is to say, perfect for pizzas, take away food and pastry shops. With twisted or plate handles, we can also add it an adhesive tape to use it as a gift bag. Thanks to its folded top, it is possible to use low weight papers which means using between a 6 and 10% less raw materials than in other carrier bags.

paper bag, Easy Bag, Toybe

The Easy bag is versatile, with an excellent price/quality relation, and specially created to be the best alternative to plastic bags, which are every day more limited in many countries because of the damages they cause to the environment. At this moment, there are only 10 companies in the world equipped with the special machinery and Toybe is between them.

Customer’s opinion

Consumers prefer paper bags: 93% of them consider paper a sustainable material and 86% state they would rather choose paper instead of other material (data extracted from a survey conducted by Ipsos in Spain and six other European countries). It is certain that paper bags are recyclable, reusable and eco-friendly; besides, they are totally ‘in’.