Toybe ya imprime en Alta Definición

«Right now we can print the smallest of details in amazing definition with more intense colours, softer transitions and almost no grain. In addition to this, the colour fitting is more precise and this lets us reproduce the Cromalin sample with precision. We are really happy with this progress and we are sure that our customers will appreciate it». says Ricardo Clavijo, Design Department.

The Toybe printers have a new HD system and it is fascinating. The printers have always enjoyed expressing every type of bag and flexible packaging design, but now they do so more than ever and you will see why.

In flexography there are two key elements: the cliché and the anilox. The cliché is responsible for resolution quality and the halftone printing process, whereas the anilox is responsible for the ink and the clarity of the print. Technology advances continuously and that is why we have spent the last few months analysing different combinations in order to renew our equipment, thus, reaching the highest quality in flexo printing to date.

HD clichés have up to 4.000 pixels per inch and allow us to reproduce images with amazing resolution and clarity. Anilox now has 420 dots, which means a really thin input of ink is applied and therefore, prints practically with no grain. This advance in resolution and ink application also let us to improve surprisingly the shine, the background density, the soft colour degradations and the range of tones we want to print. As a result, we have bright images with the best contrast and perfect colour fitting.

You can already enjoy the highest definition of printing in your paper bags, Easy Bags, gift envelopes and bags, thermal bags and in every range of bags and industrial packaging.