Sobres y bolsas de regaloenvelopes and gift bagsenveloppes et pochettes cadeaux

Is it possible to gift wrap a product, place it in a bag and give it to the buyer in a single gesture?

Convenient envelopes with adhesive closures and embossed handles to hand customers their purchase in a perfect package ready to go. We have joined together envelope and bag to save on two basic aspects of trade: packaging materials and checkout times.

The envelope-bag has all the benefits of good gift wrapping and a shopping bag: It is customisable in full colour, it can be made with different types of paper and finishes, and allows for various sizes to suit the needs of each client.

Checkout queues are a merchants’ worst enemy. We all know that when there are long queues, customers only have two choices: to endure with patience or leave. And neither is good. Because of that, you need a fast method of packaging and bagging that allows you to quickly hand over your purchases in the best condition. The result: a great shopping experience and customers will be happy and will return to your shop.

The envelope-bag is ideal for shops where gift-wrapping is frequent, such as those that sell fashion and accessories, watches, jewellery, perfumes, gifts and souvenirs, books, etc. And, of course, during all special campaigns, such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Book Day, etc.

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