Toybe opens a new office in Hangzhou, near Shanghai, in order to market paper carrier bags and creative packaging in China and the rest of Asia. The new constituency office will offer products made in China and also in Spain.

The explorer Marco Polo visited Hangzhou in the late XIII and he said: “it is the most sumptuous and elegant city in the world”. In those days, the city was already a big commercial core and its industry was specializing in porcelain and textiles. Today it is still a major city with a huge industrial dynamism full of textile companies. Shanghai is from the XIXth Century the main commercial and industrial metropolis in China thanks to its strategic situation, in the middle of the sea in the Oriental China.

Precisely this strategic situation and the concentration of companies in textile sector are the reason why Toybe has chosen Hangzhou to place its new commercial headquarters. Up to now, the company only located suppliers and processed the importation of bags from China to Europe but now, the business will flow in two directions. The aim is selling our products in China.

In this moment, Chinese cities are in full development, new malls and fashion shops are being opened, consummation grows and the most important brand marks around the world are betting on this market. In this context, Toybe wants to become the best European supplier of paper carrier bags and packaging for Asian commerce and its new delegation is only the first step.

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Picture: Hangzhou from Baoshi Mountain