Toybe has created the first metallised paper insulated food bag, especially designed for grocery shops, ready meals, ice cream and frozen food, gourmet dishes, etc.

It is fully customizable in size, printing and finishing. It has an adhesive closure to assure maximum preservation of inside temperature.

In many grocery shops you can buy “fridge-bags” for carrying hot or cold foods. They are bags with zippers and a multiple layer inner lining to maintain the temperature of the contents.

The problem with “fridge bags” for shops is their high cost and shops are forced to charge for them. But Toybe specialises in commercial and food packaging bags, so we set out to develop a bag that would have the best of both worlds: we created an insulated food bag that is disposable, customisable and with a good level of heat preservation.

To achieve this, we conducted many months of hard work and research in the laboratory; manufacturing tests with different materials, with prototypes being tested to see which maintained the temperature better… But it has been worth it, because we have achieved all our objectives.’ Eduardo Martinez, sales manager, Toybe.

These are the properties of the new Toybe insulated food bag:

  • The outside and the handles are made of paper. The metallised interior and self-adhesive closures maintain the temperature of the contents
  • It is customisable in full colour with multiple possibilities in terms of size, printing and finishing
  • It is food grade so it can come into direct contact with food and it is moisture resistant
  • It retains both heat and cold. It performs extremely well when transporting frozen food and hot and cold liquids and foodstuffs
  • It is made with recyclable materials
  • It is ideal for grocery stores, ice cream and frozen ready meals, meat, fish, gourmet foods, catering, fast food, bakery, fruit, etc.

This is the bag performance during the first hour: The blue line represents the Toybe Insulated Food Bag. The vertical line represents the temperature (starting at -12 °C) and the horizontal line, the time (0 to 60 minutes):

And this is over 6 hours:

If you are interested in more insulated food bag options click here or call the Toybe sales department at +34 941 224 038, so you can examine all the samples and request your no obligation quote.